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Former Clinton Advisor Slings Accusations About Landrieu

It's not the first time someone has criticized the way money from Congress was not used appropriately to shore up the levee system that failed during hurricane Katrina. But on Nine News Thursday morning, the former advisor to former president Bill Clinton named names.

Dick Morris says over the last few years, Washington funded hundreds of millions of dollars to strengthen the levee system, but some of our senators spent it on something else.

Dick Morris: "The congress and the White House voted 750 million dollars for levee repair and strengthening. It's Landrieu and the rest of the delegation out there, not counting Vitter because he just got there, but Landrieu who sidetracked the money and spent it on this stupid canal that was an economic development project. As opposed to the leee where there were no votes and no campaign contributions."

Pat Simon Q: "Now we do have some Republicans in our congressional delegation as well, on the house side."

Dick Morris: "Right. But the key movers and shakers in that I think were Landrieu and Breaux. Breaux is out of politics now. But you know I used to work for Buddy Roemer here, Roemer said I love Louisiana but I hate Louisiana politics and this is an instance where your politicians let you down because there were no votes in repairing the levee and there were no campaign contributions in doing it, so they spent the money where the pork would do them good, not where it would do New Orleans good."

A spokesman for Senator Landrieu says Dick Morris' accusations are just silly. He says the entire Louisiana delegation, democrats and republicans have worked consistently to repair and strengthen Louisiana's levee systems and that the Bush and Clinton administrations never fully funded levee funding requests.

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