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Governor Seeking Money for Saints

Despite the short time left in the legislative session, legislators say there's still time to find the money needed to pay the New Orleans Saints this year. 

The House, Ways and Means Committee has yet to hold the first hearing on a package of taxes on hotels, car rentals, and football tickets in New Orleans. Money raised would help the state meet the annual payment to the Saints; the state is about $9,000,000 short.

Governor Blanco is still working on a compromise with the New Orleans businesses. Committee Chairman Bryant Hammett says once that compromise is reached, things should move quickly.

WAFB Capitol Correspondent Marie Centanni asked, "Is there enough time to get this done?" Hammett said, "Absolutely, we're not jammed for time at all. We can get a piece of legislation through the process in three days, so we've got plenty of time to get it done."

The session ends June 23rd.

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