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LSU Denies Latest Report Out of Miami

LSU officials are denying a Miami Herald report that said LSU had upped its ante in hopes of keeping Nick Saban at LSU.

The Miami Herald report says LSU offered to raise Saban's contract to nearly four million dollars a year -- almost two million more than he makes now. However, the LSU Board of Supervisors tells 9 News that no such deal to hike Saban's salary was ever in the works.

LSU Athletic Director Skip Bertman responded with great anger, saying quote, "There's no truth to it. It's blatant, bad journalism. The guy that wrote it, outta be thrown in jail. The president is p***ed off, the board members are p***ed off, even Nick is p***ed off. He's never asked for anymore money. I feel bad for Nick, because it's not true. It makes him look like a whore."

Bertman does confirm that Miami has made a firm offer of a contract to Saban. Speculation is that the salary would more than double Saban's salary at LSU.

Bertman continues to say he will not pressure Saban into a quick decision. He once again referred to the decision as "gut wrenching" and says that Thursday was the first time Saban, his wife and his agent Jimmy Sexton were able to sit down together and review the Dolphin's offer.

Now fans wait to see if Saban will stay or go. The sign outside "Tiger Mania" reads "Stay Nick Stay!" One fan considers the Dolphins interest in Saban an honor for LSU.

"The fact that you have professional schools coming after a coach like Nick Saban speaks well for LSU because we'll be able to draw a big time coach," says Tiger fan Mave Rick.

Meanwhile, Saban will coach the Tigers in the Capitol One Bowl. The team is expected to fly to Orlando on Christmas Day.

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