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Accused Cop Killer Officially Charged, Police Chief Thanks Community

Suspect Shedran Williams Suspect Shedran Williams
Slain officer, Lt. Vickie Wax Slain officer, Lt. Vickie Wax

Shedran "Fat Boy" Williams is now officially charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Baton Rouge Police Lieutenant Vickie Wax and attempted first-degree murder for shooting a security guard and bystander who tried to help the police officer. This comes after Williams asked a friend to call 9-News and help him surrender to authorities around 8:25 p.m. at Mr. C's Auto Sales on Airline Highway, near Foster and McClelland. Williams is the lone suspect in the shooting death of the 51-year-old police Lieutenant who was shot to death while working an off-duty detail shift at the Perkins Road Wal-Mart Saturday night.

Police Chief Pat Englade called a news conference to thank the community for its support during this hard time. He credited the work of the State Police Crime Lab, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, the Federal Marshal's Office and his own department for the "textbook" work that led to the peaceful capture of Williams.

"It is my sincere thanks and appreciation to the ranks of the Baton Rouge Police Department for what they did and how they handled themselves in a very difficult situation," said Chief Englade.  

Englade says this is an emotional time for the entire force. He remembered working with "Vickie" and said his heart is with her family. He thanked the media for their support and asked that reporters respect this time of grieving for her family and his department.

Vickie Wax will be laid to rest Wednesday. Corporal Don Kelly warned that the procession from Istrouma Baptist Church on Airline to French Settlement will create a "traffic nightmare" on Interstate 12 Wednesday afternoon.

Williams eluded authorities for nearly two days, taking police on a manhunt from North Baton Rouge to South Baton Rouge. Shortly after eight o' clock Monday night, Williams had a friend contact 9 News to negotiate his peaceful surrender. We contacted police, and without incident Shedran Williams found himself in a pair of Baton Rouge police handcuffs, less than 48 hours after one of their own tried to handcuff him. 

9 News Street Beat Reporter was on the scene as Williams was being walked by police. When asked if he had anything to say to his family, Williams said, "I love my Momma." Williams also denied killing Lt. Wax. Then came the question of why he was on the run for so long. Williams responded, "I was scared!"

EBR Public Defender's Office To Take On Williams Case

Meanwhile, the charge of first-degree murder of a police officer, carries a mandatory death penalty. Williams was in court Tuesday morning to face that charge and others, which include two counts of attempted first-degree murder, illegal use of a dangerous weapon, disarming a police officer, armed robbery, theft and issuing worthless checks. During his court appearance, via tele-conference from Parish Prison, Williams told Judicial Commissioner John Smart that he could not afford an attorney. That means Williams' case will be assigned to the East Baton Rouge Public Defender's Office.

Williams' case is the third high-profile and expensive case assigned to the public defender's office within the past year. Tax payers are already paying for the defense of accused serial killers Derrick Todd Lee and Sean Vincent Gillis. EBR public defender Mike Mitchell says he's reviewing his options on this case. When questioned about how his office will handle all three of these cases, Mitchell says, "When our resources are stretched to the end, we find a way to stretch them some more."

District Attorney Doug Moreau tells 9 News he has not decided who will try the Williams case in his office. However, Moreau did say his investigators have been involved as much as legally possible in the Williams case since Lt. Wax was murdered.       

Williams Allegedly Shot Lt. Wax After Being Confronted For Shoplifting

It all started Saturday night around 10 p.m., when Lt. Vickie Wax and a Wal-Mart security officer questioned Williams about a suspected shoplifting. A source close to the investigation tells 9 News that Williams was stealing disposable cameras, after he purchased more than $40 worth of merchandise. Police say when Wax tried to handcuff Williams, he punched her in the face, which knocked her to the floor. Williams then took Wax's gun and shot a shopper and security guard, who tried to intervene. Witnesses say that Williams had the opportunity to run, but instead pointed the gun at Lieutenant Vickie Wax and shot her while she was still on the floor.

Police say Williams then carjacked a woman in the parking lot and took off in a white Chevy Corsica. Police later found the car in north Baton Rouge. Williams was nowhere to be found.

Special response teams concentrated their efforts on north Baton Rouge as well as the intersections surrounding Airline Highway and McClelland throughout Sunday and Monday. In their searches police searched several apartment complexes and individual houses. Throughout the entire man hunt police remained confident they would find their man. 

"We're going go get him. I mean, we can make that guarantee to the public; we're going to get him. It's just a matter of when," said Corporal Don Kelly, with the Baton Rouge Police Department. "I think we've been very close. I think we've been very close to catching him. We haven't yet, we will. The best thing he can do is turn himself in. We're not going to go away."

Records Reveal Williams' Troubled Past

A close examaination of his voluminous criminal file on record downtown reveals a lot about Shedran Williams. A viewer of those files would immediately notice a pattern of violence in his encounters with the law and concerns about his mental stability. The first records of Williams' criminal history show up in 1989, when a five year jail term for theft that was suspended for three years of probation terms that Williams would totally ignore. Records show that he has been arrested more than 20 times, including four felony convictions, mostly based on plea bargains and reduced charges.

Court documents prove Williams would not hesitiate to use violence to resist arrest. One report recounts a drug stop in which, Williams violently punched two deputies trying to put him under arrest. According to the report, the deputies "continued to work to subdue Williams who continued to fight."

There is also evidence that the mental stability of Williams may have been in question some ten years ago. In a letter to Judge Freddie Pitcher from Williams' probation officer in January of 1991 urged the judge to consider revoking Williams' probation because of his total lack of cooperation.

However, nothing was done. More than a year later another letter again asks the judge to consider revocation stating "the subject's mother has contacted us concerning the subjects behavior and requested he be evaluated." In that same letter the probation officer wrote to the court "we finally obtained an evaluation from a private facility."

The news in the evaluation report foretold the future... It said, "The complaints, by the probation officer and the mother, are a history of arrests for burglary, physical violence and substance ingestion...." the report concluded...."It is likely this patient suffers from a character disorder which prevents his use of good judgement...he has an increasing history of violence," and it concluded, "Without significant psychiatric intervention this patient will likely continue to contact the criminal justice system and be a threat to his family and others."

Shedran Williams stayed in trouble with the law, in and out of jail and on and off of probation. In 1999, back on the street, Williams was charged with 12 counts of breaking into cars around LSU. Other charges included resisting arrest and battery on a police officer -- all dropped for a guilty plea on three counts of burglary. Williams was sentenced to ten years in jail. That was less than five years ago. Williams was put back on the street on a goodtime release April 24th of this year.  Twenty-eight days later, while resisting arrest, he's now accused of murdering officer Vicki Wax.


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