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December 23, 2003 - "Vent-Tech"

We love our fried seafood in Louisiana! But with the good, sometimes comes the bad -- in this case grease fires in the kitchen. Now the food service industry is looking hard at an inventor from Central. WAFB's Allen Tumey has the story of this entrepreneur's grease-eating gizmo.

It's an idea whose time seems to have arrived. And this is the family which has ushered it in. Working out of a shop in Central, they have come up with a solution to a problem which has plagued restaurants since the first shrimp went into the fryer.

"See how it breaks it up. It turns the oil spot to carbon dioxide and water," said Vent-Tech inventor Carl Neyland. 

Using microbe technology developed to combat oil spills offshore, Neyland has come up with a mixture that eats grease. But that's only a part of the solution, the small part. Getting it to those greasy kitchen vents -- that's the genius of Neyland's invention. He has come up with a computer driven machine which automatically cleans kitchen vents with his grease-eating microbes. It works on a timer, in the off hours when the kitchen is closed.

"I'll tell you what -- If you take the grease out of the spectrum of the trouble, and you have just oxygen, you have no fire. I can't say it will eliminate it 100%, but it will significantly reduce the amount of kitchen fire because you're doing away with the grease," said Neyland. 

Neyland says he has orders for 30 of his grease eaters -- mostly from large restaurants and offshore rigs.

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