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Editorial: Alabama, Auburn unite for the trees

Editorial: It was quite a sight.  Right after midnight on Tuesday January 11th the "Auburn Nation" descended on Toomer's Corner for the greatest toilet-paper-filled celebration - in history. It was a glorious moment capping "The Perfect Season".

But little did anyone know, that while the celebrating was going on, the two main trees that have been the focal point of Auburn's great football successes were dying - perhaps poisoned as much as six week earlier.

But since the tree poisonin an amazing thing you thought would ever occur has happened. A large and growing group of Alabama fans, that's right, Alabama Tide fans have stepped forward, equally outraged at the poisoning of the two cherished oak trees.

So much in fact that fundraising efforts from Alabama fans to help restore the corner is now at $40,000 and rising.

The student government presidents from both universities have pledged to take all of the negative from the situation and turn it into a new kind of rivalry - one based on mutual respect.
Both student governments will plant trees on their campuses as a new bond between the schools.

With the combined efforts of AU and UA supporters from around the country, the fundraising effort and all that it represents,  has turned into a very proud moment for the entire State of Alabama, a very proud moment indeed.

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