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Police catch bait car break-in suspect, search for another

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John Sarhan (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office) John Sarhan (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)
Surveillance image of wanted suspect Surveillance image of wanted suspect

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Robbery detectives arrested one man and are looking for another suspected of breaking into a bait car. They credited a Crime Stoppers tip with helping to identify the man they took into custody.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, John Sarhan, 21, broke into its bait car back in October. He was arrested Tuesday night and charged with simple burglary. Investigators do not yet know the name of the second guy, but they are hoping someone in the area does and calls them with the information they need to send him to jail.

The case brings up an important point many people have been wondering about for some time. They want to know how suspects get away from the car. They have asked questions like: Doesn't the car lock the suspect in? and Why aren't police watching the car to catch those who break into it?

Early in October, police reported they were trying to find a man who broke into a bait car on July 6 and stole the car stereo out of it. According to authorities, the suspect broke out a window to get out of the car. A few days after surveillance photos of the suspect were broadcast on air and posted on the internet, Julian Chambers surrendered to detectives in connection with the break-in.

The hunt was also on for the man who broke into a bait car on June 11 and stole items from inside. Police were not specific about what he got away with, but said he grabbed some stuff, left and then returned again to steal more. BRPD later put out a news release stating Brian Washington, 20, turned himself in to authorities on June 23. He was booked on two counts of simple burglary. They added they were investigating whether he was involved in other burglaries in the area near the 5800 block of Alexander Street.

In one case involving the bait car, officers found themselves in a chase that ended with a car crashing into a pole. It started on Choctaw Drive around 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 17, 2009. Police said William Brooks, 40, waited nearby in another car as a suspect tried to break into the bait car. Allegedly, the suspect who tried to break into the car then ran to meet Brooks and they drove off in the car Brooks was driving. Police followed until the pair crashed into a pole on North Street. Investigators said the suspects didn't give up immediately after the wreck. They apparently got out of the damaged car and started running. A police dog eventually caught Brooks and he was arrested. The other guy got away.

Police arrested Jonathan Haile, 39, after he allegedly tried to steal the bait car in October 2008. Officers reported Haile spotted the car as it was parked on Florida Boulevard at North Eugene Street, which is near Baton Rouge General Medical Center. Detectives said he jumped in the car and drove off. A short time later, they took him into custody on five counts of simple burglary.

One suspect who broke into the bait car and escaped before officers could arrest him did his deed in the 2600 block of Monroe Avenue. According to police reports, the suspect stole the car's stereo and broke a window to get out of the car when he saw officers approaching. The crime was reported in September 2009, but it is unknown when it actually happened. No information could be found on his possible arrest in connection with the crime.

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