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January 21, 2011 - "Quilt the Swamp"

January is kind of bleak at Bluebonnet Swamp, so they move the color indoors with their annual Quilt the Swamp exhibit. Dozens of quilters--local and from all across the USA--bring in their creations to quilt the swamp.

Claire Coco of Bluebonnet Swamp says, "They devised the idea of Quilt the Swamp as a fiber art exhibit inspired by what people see out in the swamp."

This year the colorful quilts are displayed hanging from the ceiling, on the walls and by the windows.

Claire says, "You're able to see the varying degrees of techniques and colors and textures all wrapped into one without having them placed differently on upright structures."

The theme of this year's quilt the swamp is "A Walk in the Swamp," a merry stroll through the January color of Bluebonnet Swamp that you don't need an overcoat or waterproof boots to enjoy.

"Apart from the fact that outdoors is kind of drab this time of year, and this just gives people so much interesting things to look at," says Claire, "and it's just a burst of color for us to be able to still have this, the opportunity to entice people to come out and visit our facility."

Quilt the Swamp will be hanging out--or in--till the first week of February.

The annual exhibit is the brainchild of local fabric artist Michael Young.

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