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Hero talks about getting shot saving mom-to-be

Charlie Cangelosi Charlie Cangelosi

By Kiran Chawla - email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The man who was shot while saving a pregnant woman from being robbed at gunpoint spoke publicly for the first time Friday and while he is still on the mend, he said he is ready to get back out there for more acts of kindness, regardless the magnitude.

Things now seem more precious than ever to Charlie Cangelosi. The 23-year-old said the shooting has opened his eyes to things he would have never seen before. With this second chance at life, things like eating, breathing and even family time mean so much more now.

"Past three, four days I've noticed a significant amount of strength coming back," Cangelosi said. "It's been a positive thing for me, my family, for the community. Only person I believe this is a negative for is the person who committed this crime."

As he remembered Nov. 6, Cangelosi said he has no regrets and if given the opportunity, he would not change anything about that night, even if that means getting shot again. He added he forgives the man who shot him.

"I do, I do. It's hard, but you have to. It only brings comfort to me forgiving him for what he's done," he stated.

For his maturity and willingness to help everyone and anyone regardless the consequence, many have called this college junior a hero. He humbly disagrees. However, the woman he saved may have a different opinion.

As a matter of fact, Cangelosi believes the real hero that night was his friend who was with him and pushed down on the bullet hole to stop the blood flow until paramedics arrived.

"He pretty much saved my life. He took immediate action. I believe if he wouldn't have done what he did, I wouldn't be here telling you his story," Cangelosi explained.

Cangelosi was shot at point-blank range in the hours after LSU beat Alabama. He was in the Tigerland neighborhood with friends.

"I heard a female. She, all of a sudden, started screaming for help so I took off running towards that area. It was an instant reaction. Heard someone hollering for help. Didn't know what the situation was," he recalled.

The bullet went through Cangelosi's thumb, then through his abdomen and hit a vertebrae before lodging itself in a muscle in his back. He had numerous surgeries and doctors hope to perform another one down the road to remove the bullet eventually.

During his two weeks in the hospital, the "Good Samaritan" had well wishes from across the world, blood donors from everywhere and even visitors like District Attorney Hillar Moore and LSU head coach Les Miles gifting him an autographed football.

"I need to thank Les Miles for personally coming out there, the DA, I need to thank him personally," Cangelosi added.

Just as he helped save a life, he's now hoping the people of Baton Rouge will do the same. Our Lady of the Lake was able save Cangelosi's life through its blood supply, but now that supply needs to be replenished.

"I believe I went through two cycles of blood. I lost my blood twice during the surgery, I believe, and I'd like to replenish what I've used," he commented.

Those who want to help can do so by donating blood Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at U-High on LSU's campus.

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