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Traffic officials send ticket to dead man

By Jim Shannon - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge widow was surprised to get a traffic ticket in the mail from Florida addressed to her deceased husband.

Estella Banks said her scam radar immediately went up. The vehicle in the video was a car, but her husband always drove a truck.

She added she'd be concerned if it were her husband driving, and rightrully so. 

The ticket was issued on Sept. 26, which is four years, three months and 28 days from the day Charlie Banks died.

A family friend totaled Banks' truck on the interstate six months ago.

It was sold for scrap and the license plate somehow ended up illegally on the car in Ocoee, FL last month.

Banks has no idea how the plate ended up on the offending vehicle.

Louisiana State Police advised it's a good idea to make sure to turn in the license plate when the driver no longer owns the vehicle.

Estella Banks said she isn't planning to pay the ticket.

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