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LSU students and staff stage jazz funeral

By Cheryl Mercedes - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU faculty and staff are being proactive about the millions of dollars worth of potential cuts that could be coming their way.  They staged a jazz funeral Thursday to let state government officials know they are not going to take the news sitting down.

"We're all feeling it," said music student Michael Borowitz.  "Everybody feels the same way and we're all sticking together on this one."

They gathered to express what worries them most, the possibility of losing professors, programs and a product that could mold their futures.

"We do celebrate education and fear what could happen to it," said Bradley Wood, a senior.

The cuts won't directly affect Wood, but he is concerned about what could happen to Louisiana's economy and future generations that won't have the same options.  

"We understand people are being laid off all around, but education is in the lifeblood of all of that," added Wood. "You cut that, then what do you have?"

Students marched through campus playing instruments and carrying signs, caskets and flags from other countries, all symbols of what could be buried in LSU's past if programs like music, industry and foreign language are cut.

"Saheli or Chinese, or Japanese all of those languages, this is a globalized community, we're gonna need those," said Tiffani Crippin, an Anthropology student.

"I'm concerned about students not finishing the classes they started and not getting the opportunities they were hoping to get," added Borowitz.

A lot of the proposed cuts are just that, proposed.  But just the idea of what could be taken away makes these students feel uneasy.

"That's really nerve racking to think what I want to do with my career I might not be able to do," said theatre student Victoria Carbhaal."

"A lot of us plan on being legislators one day or at least give back to the community in some way at some point and this is where we build that foundation for that for the rest of our lives," said Bradley.

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