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Suspect's family speaks about morning raids

Linda Thomas Linda Thomas
Aramis Jackson (Source: Baton Rouge Police Department) Aramis Jackson (Source: Baton Rouge Police Department)

By Cheryl Mercedes - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some members of Aramis Jackson's family got early morning surprise visits from police who were out looking for him.

Warrants were executed in Baton Rouge on Arizona and Royal Streets and on Myrtle Avenue which are not far from the Englers' Beauregard Street home. 

Aramis Jackson's aunt Ophelia McKnight came home to find her house turned upside down.

"They kicked in the door and threw in some bombs in there. My house all tore up. You can come see for yourself," said McKnight.

Tomekia Dunbar was asleep when she says police came looking for her boyfriend.

"I understand that's his cousin, but God seriously that's his blood, but that's not him. He's not the triggerman or whatever is going on out there," said Dunbar.

Dunbar claims she does not know the suspect personally.

Anita Allen, whom was seen leaving Jackson's mother's house appeared to know him pretty well.

"How his mom feels? How would you feel if somebody tell you some stuff like that? How would you feel?...Just rumors in the streets. She's gonna feel something. There's lots of rumors. Everything around here be rumors," said Allen.

When Allen was asked was asked what kind of person Aramis Jackson was, she responded, "I can't tell you that."

Jackson's grandmother, Linda Thomas, was ready and willing to talk.

"There was an officer with a long rifle stuck up my face. He said, ‘get down.' I was looking up at him and said, ‘what's wrong?' He called me and he threw me down on the floor. Then he took his foot and stomped my face," said Thomas.

Thomas says searching her home was unnecessary, and that she no longer has a relationship with her grandson.  "He broke in my house like I told them and stole my A-K- 47," said Thomas.

This time Jackson is accused of murdering a mother and putting her young daughter in the hospital to steal a television.

"If he did that he's wrong because after all he's got a mother, little sisters and brothers. You don't go around and take somebody's life like that. You know you just don't do that. That's all I can tell him. If you live by the sword you die by the sword," Thomas added.

Baton Rouge Police Sergeant Don Kelly says everyone was told to lie down on the floor when officers executed the search warrants. He said Thomas was hurt when she tried to get back up. Sgt. Kelly says police medics did not believe she needed any treatment.

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