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Who owns "Who Dat?"

By Jim Shannon - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Throughout the Gulf Coast, the chant of "Who Dat" has been shouted all season by Saints fans, especially after Sunday's win to secure a spot in Super Bowl XLIV. Now, the simple but extremely popular phrase is the subject of an NFL cease and desist order.

Lauren Thom, owner of Fleurty Girl t-shirt shop in uptown New Orleans, has been slapped with a six paragraph "no-no" letter from the National Football League over the term "Who Dat." In Baton Rouge, the story is much the same. Elizabeth Harvey, co-owner of Storyville, can hardly keep "Who Dat" merchandise on the shelf, but the NFL would just assume she removed it.

"The question here is who owns 'Who Dat,'" Thom said. "Right now, there's a little bit of confusion over who owns the phrase 'Who Dat,' said Harvey. "Is it the people? Is it the NFL? Is it someone else? We're kind of waiting."

"We hereby demand that you cease and desist in any and all further sale of unlicensed products," the letter reads in part. It also asks for an accurate accounting of all sales. Store owners admit they are slightly intimidated when it comes to dealing with the NFL.

"The NFL is not a company or anybody that I want to rock the boat with, but I definitely want to look into it and see what my rights are," Thom explained. "Well, we want to play ball. We want to keep making the 'Who Dat' shirts. People want their 'Who Dat' shirts," Harvey added.

Both Thom and Harvey commented they will sell their remaining inventory and not replace it until a clear resolution is reached.

The NFL's slice of the t-shirts is generally around 10 percent of the price of the shirt.

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