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Man gets "Saints Superbowl Champions" tattoo

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana is marching on to Miami and people are gearing up for Sunday's big game. One fan even tempted fate in a way he can't take back.

Baton Rouge resident Seth Manes tattooed his right arm with a "Saints Superbowl Champion" logo. He says it is his first tattoo, so he decided to go out on a little more than a limb a few months ago.

"Some have called me crazy, but for the most part many are for it," he said.

No word on any tattoos inside the Governor's Mansion, but we do know Saints fever has definitely hit.

"This is our year. Brett Favre and the Vikings are a great opponent, but I have no doubt we'll win," Jindal said.

Jindal and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty made wagers over Facebook. When the saints win, Governor Pawlenty will ship some of Minnesota's best micro-brews down to Louisiana. He'll also do a Saints tribute on his weekly radio show.

If for some odd reason the Vikings happen to win, Jindal will send some fresh Louisiana seafood to Minnesota.

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