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Tensions continue in town of Wilson

By David Spunt - bio | email

WILSON, LA (WAFB) - A small town north of Baton Rouge is in an uproar and residents are making repeated calls for the mayor to resign. Wilson residents say things have gotten so bad, they are considering moving.

Mayor Joshua Thomas says from the moment he was elected this summer, certain people have been trying to drive him out of office. Gladys Ravencraft has lived in Wilson for 60 years.  She says things have taken a downturn since the election of Thomas, 25, over the summer.

Ravencraft and several other residents say since Thomas's election, Police service has been non-existent, and the mayor himself is inaccessible. Residents also complain that city hall has one employee, and she's sick, resulting in the closing of city hall for the past few days.

"We've had a lot of mayors. I've been here a long time and this is the worst it's ever been," Ravencraft said.

Earlier this week, Governor Bobby Jindal set a special March 27th recall election, after receiving a petition of 175 votes. 

"It's bad because it's only hurting the citizens and the community because for one we can't get the business of the town taken care of," Thomas said.

Mayor Thomas says from now until the election, he will continue working on the business of the town.

"I'm not mad at anyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and just look forward to come March 27th, just go and vote against the recall," he said.

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