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Huge crowd turns out for tax tea party

By Cheryl Mercedes - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - During Baton Rouge's version of the Boston Tea Party from 1773, more than a thousand protesters marched on the Louisiana State Capitol Wednesday to voice their concerns on what they call "wasteful government spending."

They came with their families, friends, and co-workers demanding an immediate change from state and federal lawmakers. "There is no middle class," one protester said. "We've gotten crushed by the rich on top and crushed by people with their palms up on the bottom." Their anger was translated to signs they waved as they shouted in protest of some trillions of dollars in bailout money, among other things. Some called the stimulus package "steal from us" packages and others placed blame for the country's economic downturn on President Barack Obama's watch.

None of them were shy about letting Uncle Sam know how they feel about the distribution of their tax dollars. "I'm tired of paying for people who live in apartments with big screen TVs," said Stephanie Anders. "During Katrina, when the general complained to the media about being stuck on stupid, they are being stuck on stupid." Many folks took the day off of work to voice their concerns, while others didn't have to. One man who identified himself as "Joe the Unemployed" showed up wearing a shirt baring his unhappiness. "This shirt is backwards because that's how uncomfortable it is for me," he said.

The tea party wasn't all about the adults. Parents brought their children along to show them the beginnings of what they call the demise of their generation. "The trillions of dollars is going to be a lot of pork and knowing all of this money is going to be on my children's plate when they get older," added Anders. Lawmakers were absent, but protesters know all too well their frustrations won't fall on deaf ears. "This reminds me of last summer when these people back here were trying to raise their pay," said Joe Blanco. "I think we realized our voices count."

The protesters continued their party at Sullivan's and the Caterie Wednesday evening.

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