War veteran seeking help finally gets answers

War veteran seeking help finally gets answers
(Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Vietnam War veteran, Joseph Scott, says he’s lived in his home on Galvez Street over 20 years. Scott says he reached out to the 9News Alert Team after years of trying to get an overgrown lot across the street from his house cleared.

Exxon clearing lot after resident complains for years

“When the grass started to get high, I called downtown. They told me that they couldn’t find out who the owners were,” said Scott.

Scott says he was relieved when he found out ExxonMobil bought the vacant lot in 2018, but his relief didn’t last long after years of failed attempts to get the lot cleared.

“It seems like there is no way to get in touch with anybody at Exxon, and no one else can do anything about it. It just seems like they’ve thrown this area away,” said Scott.

Our 9News Alert Team reached out to Exxon. They confirmed the lot is their property and sent out a cleaning crew. However, they were unable to cut down some trees on the lot due to a low-hanging power line. Entergy sent a crew to check the line; they say they’re working with neighbors to find a convenient time to temporarily disable power to fix the line so Exxon can completely clear the property.

Exxon also released a statement saying, “ExxonMobil is eager to work with the city to address illegal debris dumping on our greenbelt areas and across the North Baton Rouge community.”

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