High schoolers explore career options in EMS field

High schoolers explore career options in EMS field

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thursday night, a group of high school students signed up to potentially be among the people who save lives.

High school students participate in hands-on training program with Baton Rouge EMS

It was the start of the 36th class of the Baton Rouge EMS Explorer Post Program. The students will get to work alongside professional paramedics, which means witnessing some of the real life trauma that unfortunately occurs every day. One of the men who founded this program says he envisioned helping the students determine their future.

“We knew this would be excellent for anybody that was interested in a medical profession itself because they get training, they get hands on experience, and they will know when they finish being in this Explorer Post what they want to do in their future,” said Andre Toups with the Explorer Post Program.

The program first started back in 1983.


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