Video: Florida man leaps into crocodile exhibit, gets attacked

Florida man leaps into crocodile pond

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL (WAWS/Cox/WFOX/WJAX/CNN) - A man took a dangerous dive on Tuesday.

He was captured on surveillance video jumping into a pond filled with crocodiles.

It all happened at the St. Augustine Animal Farm. Surveillance cameras captured the moment where he was attacked by a crocodile.

He was in the enclosure for hours.

When staffers showed up to the park Tuesday morning, they found a pair of shorts and Crocs, the kind you wear on your feet.

They assumed it was part of a prank until they spotted blood and called police.

Park security used hours of surveillance video to piece together what happened over the time the man spent in the Nile crocodile exhibit.

It captures the moment he was attacked by one of 12-foot alligators. You can see the animal thrashing about, biting his foot.

Later, you can see the man writhing in pain and trying to make a daring escape by straddling a fence.

Jeff Black found the suspect, Brandon Hatfield, on Tuesday morning, wandering around his home.

"As soon as we encountered the guy, we knew something was strange was going on," he said.

Hatfield limped to an ambulance once police showed up.

Black said neighbors assumed the man was on drugs or alcohol.

"I think his thing was he kept saying, 'I was held hostage in a place that a pool with gators,'" Black said.

He’s being treated at Flagler Hospital and will be taken to the St. Johns County jail when he is medically cleared.

Hatfield is charged with burglary, criminal mischief with more than $5,000 in damage and violation of probation

None of the crocodiles were injured as a result of this incident.

Visitors at the farm are trying to understand how and why this man put himself in harm’s way.

“Crazy. Absolutely crazy. How could somebody be so stupid?” said Reaha Carby-Fennel, a British tourist:

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