Man dressed as LSU Golden Girl in viral photos has been identified

Man dressed as LSU Golden Girl in viral photos has been identified

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Photos of a man dressed as an LSU Golden Girl took social media by storm last week, but, finally, “Golden Boy” has been identified.

His name is Daniel Hoffman, a 37-year-old physician’s assistant who works in a Baton Rouge pediatric ER, according to The Advocate’s article on October 20.

Days after the Tigers triumphed over the Georgia Bulldogs, a Facebook user posted photos of Hoffman posing in the scantily clad homemade costume at several spots throughout the LSU campus. One photo, in particular, shows him sitting with legs crossed on the Mike the Tiger statue.

The original Facebook post has racked up over 2,000 shares.

Hoffman, at first, wasn’t identified so users who commented on the post dubbed him as “Golden Boy."

According to The Advocate, Hoffman started gathering materials for the costume this past summer before stitching it together himself.

“My mom showed me how to use the sewing machine,” he told The Advocate.

The Baton Rouge resident didn’t expect to get as much attention as he did, but it all started just because Hoffman wanted to have a good laugh.

Hoffman is positively taking advantage of the attention by selling “Golden Boy” t-shirts and its proceeds will go to the children’s hospital at Our Lady of Lake.

Who is this? More importantly, who did you lose a bet to? Photo cred: Elise Andmimi

Posted by Kyle Petersen on Thursday, October 18, 2018

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