More than parks and rec; BREC takes physical activity ‘On the Geaux’

More than parks and rec; BREC takes physical activity ‘On the Geaux’
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BREC, the Recreation and Park Commission for East Baton Rouge Parish, is making an effort to serve citizens who meet special needs, and that goes for both socially economic needs and physical needs that may prevent them from getting to a BREC facility.

BREC on the Geaux is a traveling rec unit, a truck loaded with kid-friendly fitness equipment that goes to different community events and neighborhoods.

“It’s designed to combat obesity in all our lower social economic areas and what we call ‘fitness deserts’ where there’s not as much play, fitness activities, physical activities for everybody,” said Micheal King, Program Coordinator of Evaluations and Partnership Development.

BREC on the Geaux is a mobile playground, filled with kid-friendly fitness activities for all ages to enjoy.
BREC on the Geaux is a mobile playground, filled with kid-friendly fitness activities for all ages to enjoy. (SOURCE: BREC)


  • 14 foot box truck loaded with a variet of physically active equipment and games for all ages
  • Available during school holidays, school recess and after school activites
  • Can be reserved for company events, birthday parties and family reunions

“During the summer, holiday, we’ll post a schedule on our Facebook page, Instagram and put it on our website with the route on there. So usually between 10 and 2 we’ll spend about an hour at each location and bounce around," said King.

DeVeta Webb, BREC Athletics Manager oversees the various BREC facilities throughout the parish as well as different leagues, including their inclusive leagues.

BREC has a mobile unit that brings some of their members who participate in Adaptive Athletics to their facility. The Adaptive Athletics allows people with and without disabilities to play together in a non-competitive environment.

“We partner with the ARC to provide inclusive leagues. These leagues are for individuals with different abilities. They start at age 3 and go all the way to adulthood. We offer kickball, soccer, t-ball, softball as well as basketball just depending on the time of year," said Webb.

You can find registration information for the Adaptive Athletics here.

BREC Athletics also has a number of leagues for people of all ages and athletic levels. The main facility on Florida Boulevard features several training and conditioning areas for public or team use.


  • 6201 Florida Boulevard
  • 225-272-9200

Downstairs you’ll find a full gym with membership opportunities, while upstairs you’ll find the Upper Deck, equipped with batting cages and sprint room.



  • OPEN: Monday through Thursday, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • CLICK HERE for cage rental prices

For individuals looking to use the batting cage, you pay an admission downstairs at the front desk. Prices start at $20 for thirty-minutes for up to four people.

“These rooms are made for all kinds of conditioning. You can bring in certain pieces of your equipment to help you train but we do have a lot of equipment here to also help you,” said Webb.


WATCH: Recently I visited BREC on Florida Boulevard to check out the Upper Deck and learn all about BREC on the Geaux. I even tried out their mobile obstacle course and let's just say, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Watch to see my unimpressive attempt but know I had a great time anyway!

Posted by Allison Childers on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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